Microsuction involves using a special suction device to help remove things such as ear wax from the ears.


Using olive oil ear drops is recommended for ear wax, for a period of one to two weeks before Microsuction, as this can improve the success of the procedure.

You must be able to sit still, tolerate loud noise and can tilt your head left and right, so this procedure may not be suitable for children or persons with neck problems.


Possible risks of Microsuction can include the following; it is a noisy procedure, there can be a little bit of discomfort in the deeper ear canal, trauma can rarely occur e.g. to the ear canal or ear drum, Infection can rarely occur, sometimes failure to remove all the wax can occur e.g. due to long-term wax, deeply impacted wax, hard/crystal like wax or ear drum wax, if there is poor visibility due to a narrow or bendy ear canal.

Microsuction is priced at £89 per 20 minute appointment, and includes both ears. Payment is for service time (20 minutes) and is not a guarantee of any outcome e.g hearing improvement if hearing loss is not due to wax, or complete wax removal if extra microsuction clinic time is required. In case of failure a private specialist referral will always be offered.