Our Covid 19 Tests

Covid 19 testing is a rapidly evolving science, as new information becomes available through research. We will update our website when this happens to keep you up to date.


We offer two types of Covid 19 test, the antibody test and the

PCR Swab test.


We are currently offering the Abbott USA IgG ELISA Antibody

blood test which has a combined accuracy of 99.0%. The is

currently the most accurate publicly available test. The Abbott

USA IgG ELISA Antibody blood test is priced at £74. This tests

to see if you have PREVIOUSLY had Covid 19. It can be done

anytime after 14 days since the start of your symptoms. It can

even be done if you have not had symptoms. It is a venous

blood test which we perform at our clinic. Results take up to 3

working days and will be emailed to you. Please note that the

test is only suitable for those 13 years of age and older.


The COVID 19 PCR Swab test is priced at £156. This tests to see if you CURRENTLY have Covid 19. Its combined accuracy is 99% It is a swab from the nose and throat.


If you are symptom free / travel testing


If you are symptom free and require testing e.g for travel, flights, peace of mind then the test is available to have at our clinic.

Peace of Mind Test

If you do not have any flight timing requirements and simply require a peace of mind test e.g for visiting family, you can book an appointment anytime using our online booking.

Flight test

If you require a flight swab with strict flight timing requirements, please email us with ALL of the following:

1. Flight date 
2. Flight departure time 
3. Timing requirements for TEST date if any (e.g test date must be within 96 hours of flight)
4.Timing requirements for REPORT date if any (e.g report date must be within 96 hours of flight but the test date can be anytime

If you can provide us all of the above pieces of information we will let you know if we can help you - we are not able to help everyone unfortunately due to availability, delays in laboratory turnaround times & reduced courier services on certain days. Please DO NOT book a flight Covid 19 Swab unless unless you have contacted us first by email. Appointments made without prior confirmation from us will automatically be cancelled.

Fit to fly Certificates

Fit to fly certificates are sent via email to you. These are formal colour PDF documents with your details, the test date, result date, result and ISO/UKAS accreditation, and are signed and stamped by Dr Mo.


All tests are RT-PCR tests and are performed by a UKAS (ISO15189) accredited laboratory, are approved by Public Health England (PHE) and are recognised internationally.

If you have symptoms / have been exposed


If you have symptoms of Covid 19 or have been exposed to it, the test is only available via a self collection test kit, which we can either post out to you or alternatively you can collect it from a secure mailbox outside our clinic. Full instructions are included. You will post your completed test kit using a prepaid addressed envelope, and once posted, the results usually take up to 2-3 working days, weekend dependent and will be emailed to you.  

Your test kit will include: full instructions for using the test kit, a throat/nose swab for taking your test, a label for filling out your details, a request form with our clinic details on it and a prepaid addressed envelope for posting your sample. An instruction guide is available to download by clicking the button below:


To book a self collection test kit, follow these steps:

1) Click the 'book an appointment' button and choose Covid 19 PCR Swab HOME SELF-TEST KIT.

2) Then follow the booking process as if you were booking an actual appointment. You will be asked to choose a day and time - please just pick any / the soonest available slot available.

3) In the booking details field, make sure you let us know the following details which are required by the UK Test and Trace Service. Without all of these, we will not be able to provide you with a test kit - Full name, Date of birth, Telephone number, Address and whether you prefer to A)  pick up the test kit from our clinic or B) Have us post it to you.

4) Once booked, please ignore the appointment confirmation date & time as you do not need to attend an appointment. If you wish for it to be posted, we will post out your test kit to you the next working day but please allow 3 working days for delivery. If you wish to collect it, just let us know during the booking process and will email you when its ready to collect - this will usually be the next working day.



We use several laboratories including NHS and private laboratories. All are UKAS (ISO15189) accredited.



Abbott IgG ELISA Antibody test: Sensitivity: 98.0%, Specificity: 100.0%

RT-PCR Swab Sensitivity: 98.0%, Specificity: 100.0% 


These are all FDA, PHE and EU approved COVID 19 tests and are UKAS (ISO15189) accredited and recognised internationally. All COVID 19 activity is included in NHSE Data and reported to PHE daily.


The antibody blood test is only suitable for those 13 years of age and older. The swab test has no age restriction.


The Antibody Self Collection Test 

Further testing is being currently performed on self-collection antibody tests to ensure their accuracy remains high. Initial samples obtained have been verified by our laboratory as performing within the same performance criteria as those taken by venous blood tests and have been submitted to UKAS for accreditation. However, while studies are on-going into this, the latest PHE advice is to offer venous blood tests in preference just until further information is known.

Further information

For any further test queries not answered on our website please contact us by email at hello@drmoprivateclinic.co.uk

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