Ear Wax Removal

Our state of the art microsuction technology is the safest way to remove ear wax, infection and even foreign objects from your ears.


It uses a microscope and a tiny suction tip to safely remove wax under direct vision, with there being no need for messy ear irrigation.


You will hear the hum of our ultra quiet suction machine in the background and sometimes the whooshing of air can be a little loud but it isn’t painful.

You will need to be aged 13 years or above, be able to sit still, tolerate the loudness of the whooshing and tilt your head left and right, in order to be suitable for this. 

Applying olive oil 3-4 times a day, for a few days prior to your appointment can help soften wax, making removal easier and is recommended.


The price is £89 which includes both ears.

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